Library Services

Collection:  Total collection in the library 95000 including text books, reference books, back volumes.

Automation: The entire library is fully automated. Bar code technology is implemented in circulation counter from 2006. The collection of books is computerized and this computerized catalogue is made available for staff and students (OPAC).

Open access: The open access system facilitates the quick, better and efficient use of books by students and staff.

Book Bank facility: Book bank facility is available for the economically backward students. They can borrow two extra books per one semester.

On-line Journals: Staff and Students can access to more than 6000+ e-journals and 35,50,000 e- books under the N-list programme of INFLIBNET. 

Digitization: As part of digitization, all the old question papers of autonomy and also content pages of important journals (access in OPAC) have been digitized for easy retrieve of information for staff and students.

Information literacy programmes: Information literacy programmes are arranged with power point presentations for staff and students for the better usage of library services, new technologies like e-books, e-journals accessand online courses from SWAYAM, NEPTEL so on.

 Internet access: Free internet access is available for staff and students with 35 systems both in UG and PG libraries
On line Courses: Encouraging the staff and students to do online courses through SWAYAM, NPTEL, CourseEra so on

Encouraging Merit Students: Students who are in top five in their respective classes will be offer two extra books along with their daily issues.

Library blog: Library blog provides all the information about library collection, services and other information about ICT

Open Access Library System
Digital Library
OPAC (On-Line Public access Catalogue)
E-Resource Centre with 35 systems
Reference Service
News Paper Clipping Service
New Arrivals Display
Current Awareness Service
Selective Dissemination of Information
Book Bank for Economically Backward Students
Special Facilities provided for Divyangjan
Documentation of Syllabus Copies and Question Papers
Subject Bibliographies
Faculty & student Development Programmes
Notifications and Important information on Notice Boards
E mail service to staff about new arrivals