Library Rules


  1. No printed matter or files will be allowed inside the library.
  2. Strict silence should be maintained in the library, and no combined study or group discussion is permitted in the library.
  3. Dictionaries, reference books etc. are to be used in the library only.
  4. Periodicals placed on the magazine racks should on no account be removed or any way mishandled.  Bound periodicals may be borrowed like books.
  5. Books must not be marked or defaced in any manner.
  6. Students should examine each book before borrowing and immediately report any damage to the librarian.  Should they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book.
  7. Readers shall replace any book or library property damaged by them.
  8. Date labels inside the back cover of each book shall not be tampered.  Serious action will be taken for any violation of this rule.
  9. No Transfer Certificate or conduct certificate shall be issued to a student until the books have been returned and any dues outstanding against the student discharged.
  10. To assist them to find books, students are advised to search through computer catalogue (OPAC).
  11. No book will be issued or taken back unless the student produces her identity card.
  12. Books may be borrowed for a week, renewed if there are no requests for them.  They may not be renewed more then three consecutive times.
Books not available at the time of application may be reserved.         
  1. A fine of Rs.1/ is imposed for each day if it is overdue.
  2. A member against whom any fine or other charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to take back her card or to borrow until she has paid the amount due.
  3. All books must be returned to the library on the date announced before the end of last term after which no book will be issued.


                The objective of the scheme is to provide text book to poor and deserving students.  Books will be issued on loan to deserving students for one academic year. Current text books on all subjects are available on loan.
                A student borrowing books from the book bank shall be fully responsible for their safe custody.  The books should not be marked, written upon or damaged.  In the event of any damage or loss, she shall replace it with a new copy of the book or pay such compensation as may be decided by the principal.  The borrowers are not allowed to sub lend the books.
                All books on loan must be returned before the end of March each year.  If the books are not returned in time, she will not be eligible to borrow books in future.
                Original certificates will be issued only on the production of a clearance certificate from the librarian.  The librarian may recall any book at any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired.                              

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